BK100 Presenters will be filmmakers, film festivals, cinemas, authors, photographers, musicians, universities, and any other artists, educators or fans who would like to create, host, or present Buster Keaton-related material during the BK100 celebration.


BK100 Volunteers will be needed to support our Presenters, to connect with our Audience, to manage social media, and so much more.  Volunteers can live in the United States, or any where else around the world. Sign up to help out today.


BK100 Audiences will enjoy screenings, original documentaries, newly restored video releases, books, university courses and workshops, panel discussions and so much more. Sign up for a front seat to this year-long celebration

What is BK100?

Throughout 2017, THE INTERNATIONAL BUSTER KEATON SOCIETY INC (aka "The Damfinos") will oversee BK100, a year-long celebration encompassing performances, original documentaries, educational opportunities, film series, panel discussions, and more.  The Buster Keaton Society will act as a kind of central hub, supporting and promoting these Keaton-related activities.  Are you publishing a new Keaton book?  The Buster Keaton Society can connect you with experts and promote your release.  Are you producing a documentary?  The Buster Keaton Society can be a valuable resource and will announce your film to the world.  Do you want to develop a Keaton curriculum for your film program, host a lecture series, or invite experts to your class?  The Buster Keaton Society will help you every step of the way.  And if you are a fan of The Great Stone Face, then BK100 will be your one-stop shop to know where you can go to learn about and celebrate Buster Keaton, his life, his art, and his influence.  It all began 100 years ago, and it continues today.

A giant of American comedy.
A performer of the impossible.
A filmmaker of grace and beauty.

A genius in slap shoes and a flat hat.

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