Buster Keaton made his first appearance on the silver screen in 1917, in the short film "The Butcher Boy".  Over the 50 years that followed, Keaton created comedy masterpieces that revolutionized motion pictures, and that continue to influence artists around the world.  In 2017, The Damfinos will organize an international centennial celebration of the life and work of Buster Keaton.

BK100 will include screenings, restorations, forums, courses, new books, and more, and the Damfinos will partner with film festivals, societies, and archives, along with college, universities, fan clubs, and other artists around the world.  These are our PRESENTERS.  And to make this all happens, we will need VOLUNTEERS to help in every aspect of organization.

Thus, as we look to 2017, we are now looking for VOLUNTEERS and VENUES.  If you, or your organization falls into either of these categories, please click on the appropriate tab above.

If you are simply a fan, and want to be a part of the international AUDIENCE enjoying the films, books, classes (and so much more) during BK100, simply click on the AUDIENCE tab above. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Buster Keaton, and in BK100.